Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Baby Bump(s)

Thanks to Shell for this opportunity!

I absolutely loved my baby bumps. If you know me, you know I don't rock anything except babies but I do love taking pictures of my pregnant belly!!!

This was my first, my Ethan. I was so enamored with my belly, I would stare at it and feel it every night (probably freaked my husband out a This was taken at 7 months.

My Second, my Aria. This picture was actually taken the day before I went to the hospital. You know how some days you just remember so well. It was a good day, the last day I ever got to spend with my Grandma :) My step mom and my dad took Ethan shopping so that my Grandma, Danny and I could have a little nap. I got to talk a little "one on one" with my Grandma which was really nice. We went to the park and it was a beautiful day and then ended the day with a yummy bbq and cards. I remember while we were playing cards Danny and I asked if they would stay another day......If only :)

My third baby, My Emma. This picture was also taken at 7 months. Emma was due on Christmas Eve and I absolutely did not want that!!! So when the 23rd came and went I was like please hold on please!!! Like a good girl she did wait a week until New Year's Eve. (Yes I really did not mind waiting a week I so love being pregnant [don't hate me :):)]

My little Author

Ethan's extensive repetoire includes but is not limited too:
  • The new sled
  • The ABC book
  • The new baby
  • The new toy
  • The big dog
  • The rainbow

and my personal favorite:

  • Grandma is Coming!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Girlie!

My baby girl is now 5 years old.....where does the time go?

My dearest Aria,

You are such a joy in our lives. How precious are you. You have such excitement for life and you can do anything you want. I love that you have such an independent personality and a mind of your own (even though it can be extremely frustrating sometimes :)) yet you are still your mama's girl and love to cuddle. Your singsongy voice is music to my ears and how fitting with your name. :) I love you with everything in me girlie.


Aria's first little boyfriend from preschool, Jon. They are so cute together. :)