Friday, October 8, 2010

Totally Selfish Request

This is a test....just a test...if noone responds that is totally ok because I know this is totally selfish and maybe a bit tacky but most of you don't know me IRL and never will so if you think that then I'll never know right?

There's a big Christmas concert here every year and the best thing is it's FREE! and guess who is guest singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir this year!!.....David Archueleta!!!! Oh man I gotta go. It's almost impossible to get tickets because there's like a bigillion registrations from all over the place so you're chances of getting picked are pretty slim so therefore it only makes sense that the more registrations you have the better the chance right? Anyways you can only register once each computer.....soooooo if any of you are feeling particularly altruistic and would like to do something for someone who is willing to beg please let me know and I'll email you on the details of how to register (all you have to use is your name; you can have them sent to my address)

I've never done anything this bold before so before I lose my nerve I better hit publish :)


  1. You didn't tell me DAVID is singing w/ them! I'm so there. How do we do this??????

  2. I'll do it if you still want :) It never hurts to ask, right?

  3. My good friend plays violin in the Motab orchestra, and her hubby sings, if you can't get them this way I'll ask if they have extra tickets I can have for you :)

  4. David Archuleta? Seriously? Tell me what I need to do and I'll help anyway I can!

    But if you do get tickets, you have to promise to take lots of pics and post them!!!!

  5. Everyone needs to hear David Archuleta sing spiritual music - it changes your perspective on his Idol Image. What can I do to help you be seated in the audience?

  6. Oh that is so awesome! I didn't know that David was going to be singing with them, sooo cool!!! I want to go too! Send me the info and I'll be happy to do it for you.

  7. hi! long time no commented each other.
    how's your day? :)
    xo, Lorine

  8. Did my comment not publish?

    oops! I thought I did!

    I'm down! I'll do whatever you need!