Sunday, December 26, 2010

A day late and more than a dollar short

Merry late Christmas!!! Hope that everyone had a wonderful and very blessed Christmas. Here's hoping that this New Year's will be fantastic and that God's blessing will shine upon you throughout this coming year.

Tip: In order to get a 2 yr. old to sit for a picture, bribe with candy.

Ok get this...I've been married for ten years and have never done my own turkey or made my own stuffing. With only two people and then even with little kids that eat next to nothing on Christmas because they fill up with goodies who wants to make a huge turkey. Well now that the kids are a little older and eat still next to nothing I decided this was the year. So friday I prepared my mashed potatoes and yams (you know to lighten the load a bit on Christmas) and then came the big turkey day! Oh it turned out wonderful, so moist and tasty. I look so forward to turkey leftovers. Yum! Anyways after our meal (I was too lazy to clean up right away) we had a nice fire, or so we thought. Danny started the fire, went out to the garage to get more fuel, and the ghost that hates Christmas and wants to make everyone miserable closed our flue! Oh the smoke! Oh the soot! All my wonderful cooking, all the blankets, all the sheets!! Good thing it was only 6:30 so I had time to wash all our bedding. NEVER EVER having a fire in our ancient fireplace again!!!! Hence no yummy leftovers for me :(


  1. Glad your dinner and Christmas went well! Our fireplace will smoke the house up on occasion too! We have to have the damper at some crazy precise angle to keep it from happening.

  2. I have never made a turkey either. So glad yours turned out well. :) And boo to the fire issue. Sorry that happened. Glad you had a good day otherwise though. xoxo

  3. Aww! Sorry about that, but hoping you have a Happy New Year!

    Newest follower!! (Okay, not really new, but new email. LOL!)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh NO! What a bummer!
    Love your pictures though, very cute family!

  5. That's happened to me too!! Scared the crap out of me! Very cute family, Tylaine <3 I hope your holidays are going wonderfully!!

    P.S. we just started this year making our own turkey! We used an oven bag and it was wonderful!!