Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here goes...

Ok well I've really been toying a while with the idea to start a mommy blog. I have a blog with all kinds of cutsie pictures of my kids and stuff but I kinda wanted a place just for me. I have so much welling inside me and really not much of an outlet to let it out.
Emotional Constipation = No Fun!!!!
Thankyou to all the wonderful mommy bloggers out there who have given me the courage to start this blog. I have been cowardly skulking around for awhile reading a few of these wonderful blogs (ya just a few I'm sure there's a bazillion more brilliant blogs out there) Love to all you great fantastic mommy's!!!!!
My intent is not to have any followers (although that would be a nice little notch for my incredibly low self esteem) but to just be able to have a place for me where I can let out my emotional baggage, insecurities, hopes/fears, whineiness, selfishness, whateva!!! which is so hard sometimes being a mom.
I'm certainly not computer savvy at all so my blog is pretty plain and I have no idea how all these fab blogs come to be. I don't even know how to do a link! Living in blog world is incredibly overwhelming and I'm really just swimmin here. At least I have a computer geek for a husband. So there's hope for a facelift. It's a work in progress.
Well here goes nothin!!! Hello blogland. This is Just Me.

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