Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do the Green Thang!

I'm certainly not a tree hugger by any sense of the word. I do respect the environment though. I don't litter. I don't hug trees but I don't throw stones at them either. I try to keep my flatulance to a minimum.
I was over at Think Tank Momma's page and she had this great idea to reduce our carbon footprint. Just go to this site (if anyone knows how to do the link thing and I know you all do please let me know, help a girl out) and grab a "my blog is carbon neutral" button and they'll plant a tree for you! How cool is that!
I may not recycle, reuse, all that good stuff, as much as I should cause I'm lazy. I may eat fast food and processed food too much cause it's convient but.......but there is no excuse for not simply grabbing a button, implementing the magical copy and paste funtion and voila! having a tree grow in your honor :)

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