Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Second and third and fourth guessing

All my life I have completely second guessed about 83.2% of the decisions I have made. I just put this blog up and I am totally second second guessing it. I have so many fears about putting my heart out there that I have built up so many walls of insecurity. So many what ifs?
Well dangit Tylaine, you're not 19 anymore....it's time to grow up. I don't wanna live my life like this. I've wasted too much time. I guess it's just time to take a leap of faith and what have I got to lose anyway? That's the beauty of cyberworld.....you can hide behind this massive thing called the internet.......you can put your heart out there and not worry about someone literally laughing at you (although they may be on the other end but you'll never know). 'Sides right now I feel like I need to for my sanity for two main reasons:
1. It's cathartic to be able to write down your feelings and pour all that negativity or anger or fear or whatever out. (especially when there's no other outlet)
2. A shrink is just too expensive!

Recently I read two great posts about mommy guilt and judging other moms. (And if I knew how to do the link thing I could link them) While I was reading the one about mommy guilt I was like wow how'd you get in my head? Seriously I think the mommy guilt is something many moms feel and just let it fill you till you think you're gonna explode (or maybe that's just me) And then there's the judging thing. Don't tell me you've never done it cause you're lying. Even if you are Ms. Sunshine and really don't judge other moms you judge yourself. We are are hardest critics so why do we add more to others? Isn't it enough to have one judge? Moms out there.....we really all have more in common than you think

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