Thursday, April 1, 2010

-I feel like such a slacker mom because I get so overwhelmed with what I should be doing that I don't do anything at all
-I'm not sure if I deserve my sweet angels but I'm sure grateful for them
-My baby is six today
-I love this little man so much
-He has an incredible imagination
-We are going to Leatherby's tonight (yum yum!!!)
-I can't believe he's gonna be in Gr.1 this fall
-I hope he's not gonna be a bully
-My kids are very social and the parents not so much
-I think I stifle my kids social activity because of my antisocialness
(if I was more buddy buddy with other moms our kids would play together more often)
-I am kinda relieved to sit out in the foyer with my babe at church because I get anxiety about old people judging my out of control kids (some oldies just don't remember what it was like!)
-I can SO relate to the husband thing that Glamazon Mormon Mom said
-I hate the fact that I'm constantly comparing everything in my life
-I sometimes think my husband and I (mostly me) would've been happier if we had moved back to Alberta after we got married here in Utah
-I am a total people pleaser (I cry at confrontation of any kind)
-I could never be a telemarketer or work on the phones at all
-I'm really not as depressing as I sound
-I love watching The Bachelor or romantic movies cause I can fantasize my husband is like that but then reality hits you like a ton of bricks! haha!
-I buy my shoes at the DI
-heck I buy everything at the DI (second hand store)
-I love my feet even though my toe has a bump on it
-I can't wait to be pregnant again (even though that'll be a long time ahead I secretly fantasize sometimes about my bc failing)
-I hate this snow!!! hello Mother is suppose to be spring!!!


  1. I'm the same way about confrontation. I hate it and try to avoid it at any cost. I relate on so many of these with you. Great confessions! :)

  2. I dont like confrontation too.. thats why I let loose in my what i meant to say posts! haha!!

    I secretly hope my bc fails too! I wanna another baby so bad I cant stand it, but hubby isnt ready for another yet.. :( bummer! lol!

  3. I'm with you on the whole snow thing. Really is nature trying to kill me? I need spring and walks to the park. I'd take another baby but never want to be prego again. That is a nightmare!!

  4. Crazy-our babies have the same birthday! And the same birth YEAR...Now this is getting creepy :) My little girl was six on the 1st, as well. And why don't the old people remember what it is like? Sometime we should just hand them a baby and say, "Fine, you're so smart, you try it."

    Thanks for playing!