Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mommy and Me and Mono Monday

Wow I feel so bloggy hip. I'm doing double duty today (No I don't really say hip IRL :))

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A little bit of Heaven

Every once in a while Danny and I will sleep with the kids. Ethan will sleep in the big bed with Danny and I'll sleep in Ethan's bed pushed together with Aria. So Danny lies on the bed and talks to Ethan while he goes to sleep and I lie on the bed with Aria. Looks like this: Mom and Aria lying face to face whispering to each other about all the people we love and then Aria says "but you don't love spiders cause they crawl on your skin and you don't love bats and you don't love owls"...wait a minute owls are kinda nice so mom says "owls are pretty but they're not very nice" Then she talks about how when she closes her eyes she dreams about ? (didn't really get that part)
She says she doesn't wanna close her eyes and dream about ?. So mom says well why don't you dream about care-a-lot (totally into the care bears right you can see :)) Ok she sweetly says then closes her eyes and mom watches her angel go to sleep.

Ever since I heard about this photo challenge with Alysha @ Supermom I was so excited to try it. I've always wanted to try my hand at better photography and this gives me a chance to....and some motivation. I'm new at this stuff so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

The first one is YOU, little ol' me. I took so many headshots of myself this weekend I feel kinda vain. :) It was fun playing around with the black and white though.


  1. Great pics!
    Your kids are so cute. :)

  2. Great pictures!!! I like all the care bears.

    Stopping from Mommy and Me.

  3. Awesome photos! I love your header too, so adorable!

    Stopping by from Mommy and Me

  4. Awwww how cute! Cuddly pictures are the best!

  5. You are sooo sweet! I love being Mamaw and Gigi! And I am 45!!! But you are sweet!! Stop by anytime!!! I should have pictures from this weekend up tomorrow. My new sweet ride and others from bowling. LOL!

  6. Awww...what a fun idea. And, look at all of those carebears!

    And, those are some great headshots.

  7. Your blog is so cute! All of the photos are great, but I really love your first's really lovely!

  8. Great pictures. I love the last one. I was searching for a sweet wall to take some photos with today while I was in Los Angeles but it didn't happen. Thanks for joining Mono Monday. I look forward to seeing what you capture through your lens. Happy Monday

  9. Great pictures - I'm definitely going to join in on Mono Mondays :)