Saturday, April 10, 2010

Consideration Anyone?

I must say I am not surprised by what happened. I'm just angry. Why would you be so angry or dissapointed if you knew what was coming? Well I guess part of me had hope (story of my life) I think part of it is a Utah thing (but I won't go there :)) Is it so dang hard to pick up the bloody phone and make a call saying you can't come or whatever! Man, are people so inconsiderate so self absorbed that they just can't care enough to do something so simple. Ok ok maybe that's a bit harsh....but REALLY! What happened to consideration and thought for others. It really seems to be dwindling these days as compared to 50 years ago. Ya ok I have issues. I could go on and on. BUT.....this time it's not just about me! It's one thing not to show up to a Stampin' Up party (despite the please RSVP) but this is a child's birthday. He knows who he invited and part of him probably wonders why they didn't come. Fortunately there are considerate people out there and said boy had a fun time! I was so dang mad and dissapointed I coulda cried but I just enjoyed it with him (not as much as I shoulda) Now he's asleep so the anger turns to sadness (like it always does) and I can cry now for my baby. (or is it for me again??)


  1. What happened? I'm sorry you are so upset. Someone skipped out on your sons bday party? That is not cool. :(

  2. I'm so sorry hun!! I hate when people just don't show up, it is so irresponsible and rude. It's even harder because it's your boy. My heart goes out to you! I would have come! :)