Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You want me to learn WHAT??

Man I just cannot believe how much kids these days in kindergarden need to learn! I mean when I was in kindergarden it was pretty much like daycare. My mom tells me that I used to get so bored (cause I was pretty smart ya know :)) that I would mouth off a little to the teacher. When they had parent/teacher conference I would sit in the backroom and teach the other kids poker. hehe!
Anyways back to my son. He brings home a homework pamphlet almost every week! He's kinda like his mom though. He's smart enough but too lazy and busy to do his homework. He'd rather be building hot water heaters and sprinkler systems with his tinker toys or legos. I have to confess that I get a little too frustrated with him cause he just doesn't wanna do it. And it's even more frustrating cause I know he can do so much better. Ohhhh I'm a bad mommy! Please forgive me my little man! And then I feel guilty for pushing him so hard. He's just a mansir!
Am I the only one surprised at what they have to learn in kindergarden?

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