Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Complete Communication Breakdown

Ok this may sound like super cheesy but why is it so dang hard to get your heart to listen to your mind? If I lived by my mind I would be the most confident person because I would know my self worth, have confidence in my talents (not wonder what they are), I would know how awesome I am, and I'd be pretty dang funny (have people laugh with me not at me) because I DO KNOW!! I. KNOW.!!! But I don't live it, won't live it. Because my heart is the ruler and my heart is hurt, my heart feels weak, my heart feel worthless. But unlike 10 years ago I now have 4 other people that have moved into my heart. I need to mend my heart for them and start listening to my much smarter mind. My children are the most precious thing to me and they deserve better. And if I can't (well no won't) do it for myself I need to for them. Like Dr. Phil says (ya don't laugh I'm not ashamed to admit I watch him) You will die for your children but will you live for them. UGH! super cheese (well sometimes super cheese is the truth :))
NOTE:I really am very blessed in my life and don't have anything major other than the everyday crap of life that I'm going through. I'm just whining. (hear the violin?)


  1. I totally understand your feelings. I think all women have suffered from this. It's so hard. I applaud you for being open on your blog, it shows you're real and this is who you are. I think it's great you started your blog. The blogging community is amazing! The support and love we have for one another is awesome. :)

  2. Can I just say that the more I read from your blog the more I just love you! You are so open and honest and it's really refreshing to hear. I think a lot of women have those insecurities and it's hard to move on and make the best of a hard situation. And it sounds like you've had a lot of hard times in your life... You'll love the blogging community! We support and lift each other up... I don't know where I'd be without my blog! :)