Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Confessional

-It's somewhat ironic that I received the sunshine award when I'm certainly not in a sunshine state of mind lately

-Snow??? Are you kidding me? This is the end of April right. RIGHT!?

-Laugh if you must but I think I am in love with Stouffers

-but I might cheat with Contessa sometimes

-Hamburger Helper really is a helper

-I just don't like to cook

-eating is where it's at (if I have to I'll do it only if I get to eat it :))

-why do I keep yelling at my kids? I'm not angry at them, I'm angry at me

-that's not fair

-this is really random

-I don't like the cold

-what? you're from Canada

-I've had my share OK!


  1. I talked to my Mom yesterday and when she told me it was snowing there, it made me so glad to be where I am. :) I hope it stops soon and Spring shows it's pretty face.
    You crack me up Tylaine. So happy you did the award!

  2. April? That should be illegal!

  3. Why does Utah weather have to be so bipolar? It's driving me crazy, too.

  4. Ah, I yell at my kids, too. But to be fair, it's only when I've repeated myself three or four times, and then the volume goes WAAAY up. I'm sick of the snow, too. Stouffers, huh? What's your fav thing they make?

    Thanks for playing!

  5. Snow? In April? Mother Nature must have her period again.

    I yell a lot makes me feel bad. But I swear my kids never listen to me if I try to use the "June Cleaver Mother of the Year" voice with them.

  6. So done with snow. I mean really!!! Those kids don't listen if you don't yell. Sometimes husbands don't either.

  7. What? We aren't supposed to yell at our kids when we are mad at ourselves? (note to self...don't yell). I spent yesterday looking out my window cursing the snow that was going to massacre my zuchinni plants. Thank goodness I am a procrastinator and haven't done the whole garden.sigh....
    Enjoyed your blog!. I will be back. Come visit me too...