Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mommy Regret


I came across this writer's worshop on Mama Kat's Blog and I thought it was such a great idea. Give me ideas to write about! So I chose the question what would you do differently as a first time mom?

Oh man! So many things.
When I brought my son home the first night of course husband and I were both exhausted. We went to bed that night and put the little guy in his bassinet in our room. Well about 30 min. later we realized there was no way we could get any sleep with him in there (well me mostly) cause every mom knows you wake at every little sound your baby makes (and babies seem to make sound while sleeping all the time!) So into his own room he went but that didn't seem to go too well. Son kept fussing and husband was ornery and mom was exhausted so I left husband and went into son's room to sleep on the mattress still in the room. Poor little guy kept on fussing and mom was so exhausted that I lay there hearing him, half asleep literally being so exhausted I physically could not get up (well maybe not phyically but that's what my mind told me) He could of been hungry or tangled up in his blanket or just scared and I wasn't there. I feel awful!
And I would just hold him more. He certainly wasn't a snuggly baby but once in a while he would fall asleep in my arms. I wish I had taken advantage more of those opportunities. I wish I had let him fall asleep next to me in bed sometimes and just watched him sleep.
I hate mom regret!

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  1. Ah, I hear you. There are so many things we look back on and wished we'd done. We need to enjoy the moment, that's for sure. :)