Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unstoppable Me

This morning I was totally thinking that I shouldn't of started this blog because I have nothing to say or talk about that's of any importance. But my ideas are my ideas and they are important to me and hey...I like other people's ramblings so maybe somebody might like mine??
I was reading some new books my son got from school and there was this one book that I read that has really awesome life "rules". Things don't always need to be so complicated. Really....the things we can learn from our children are the most important things we can learn in this life.
The book is Unstoppable Me and I would highly recommend it! Great lessons for you and your children.

10 Ways to soar through life

1. You're Great-No Matter What!
2. Persistence Pays Off!
3. Welcome the Unknown
4. You Have a Choice
5. Farewell to Worry
6. Peace Begins with You
7. Enjoy the Here and Now
8. Healthy Me!
9. Creativity the Key!
10. What can you Give?

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