Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Confession

It's Friday Confession time with Glamazon!!

-I'm posting this thursday night so my link can be a that top and I can maybe shamelessly get some new visitors to my newbie blog

-this morning I went on the elliptical machine that we bought in feb. that was just sitting there collecting dust for a whole 11 ½ min. (woohoo! It felt good) well it's a start

-last night I left my razor in the bathtub corner when my 6 year old took a bath

-while I was away for a min. he cut his lip (just a teeny weeny cut) but boy it coulda been worse!

-ya I'm THAT mom!

-speaking of THAT mom, I accidentally scratched my daughter underneath the eye while I was lovingly putting my hand on her cheek and now she has a little cherry mark (I said lovingly right! :))

-and I took my youngest out in her poopy diaper to pick up her brother from school because she pooped at the last minute and I didn't want to be late (even though we were about 5 min. early)

-don't let your 3 ½ year old feed your 15 month old unless said 15 month old is naked

-sometimes I could strangle whoever came up with the brilliant idea to put carpet in the eating area (obviously they didn't have kids)

-hence at any point during the day you can find me on my hands and knees underneath my dining room table picking up fallen and thrown food bits

-we are just renting or it woulda been gone within a week!

-this morning I told my husband to leave and that he was a jerk and he had the nerve to actually do it!! Men!


  1. Yay on the exercise! Good girl. And don't worry, I've left out the razor/given my kids scratches/etc all the time, it's just part of this sometimes very difficult game we call raising children!

    Sad-did your husband really leave? Or just leave the argument? Now I'm all concerned :)

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Glad you were @ the top! I loved reading your post. way too funny!

  3. Aww poor honeys! Good thing all those "Boo-boo's" will heal! :)

    As for the hubby joke? Wait is it a joke?

    I agree.. I'm concerned!

  4. We have all had those mom moments. I am sure I have more than my share of them. I know what is it about men that make them think it is ok to actually leave. Weirdos.

  5. I think carpet is from the devil! I hate it, I'm so glad we only have it in one room and if we weren't renting we wouldn't even have it there.
    I'm "that mom" too, I just blogged about 2 of my kids' injuries, both of which I found hilarious.
    I LOVE your header!

  6. you need a dog for the dining room. we have carpeting in ours too and I hate it

    glad he didn't cut worse, I remember removing a good part of skin on my ankle when I was a youngin (my mom's razor). it took a few months to heal.

    Lucy, you have some splainin to do... about your husband. Some of us think your husband actually left you.

  7. Whoa! Glad ur lil one isn't too hurt. Don't worry, it's mommy brain and we all get it so no worries.

    Good going with the exercise, yay!! :)

    Hubby left? hmmm.. I really hope he comes back too, now I'm concerned too. Hope it's just to cool off.

    Love your blog layout btw. ;)

  8. Carpet and food don't mix. Glad your kiddos are okay. You better update everyone on the hubs. :)

  9. The other day I walked in my room and my 2 year old had somehow gotten the iron down, plugged it in, left it flat on the carpet and then unplugged it in fear, came running to me saying, "hot, hot hot!" All within 2 minutes. Yes, I am THAT mom! ;)

    Thanks for coming by today!

  10. We are all THAT mom sometimes. :) Can't be perfect, right?!

    I completely agree with you on the carpet issue. I am constantly picking up food from the carpet... so annoying! Wood floor would be awesome.