Saturday, April 24, 2010

My kids are bird killers!

With Spring comes new life. We tend to get a lot of birds around our yard mostly quail but sometimes other. (one spring we had pyscho birds that would peck at our bedroom window and fly down our vents on top of the house) Anyways last spring our two little angels discovered these little creatures of God and decided to chase and torment them (put them in buckets and play with them) What can you do? Unfortunately we found two of them who had sadly gone to birdie heaven and it's my hunch that Sherlock Holmes and Watson had something to do with it.
Anyway today is the first day that the baby birds were discovered again. Poor things. I tried to explain that the little birdies will most likely be shunned by their mother and die if tainted by human stench. The hours that followed went something like this. Ethan would try to feed the baby bird peanut butter bread then go off and play and tell Aria to tell him when the birdy was dead. Ethan comes over and touches the bird. Aria screams in horrer that the bird is going to die and lovingly builds a shelter around the bird so the wind (which is nonexistant today) does not bother it.
So sad but you just can't help but think it's cute. If they only knew.


  1. Oh, it is cute.
    We once found a baby bunny in our yard and not knowing human stench would make the mother shun it, we totally held it and cuddled it. It was sooo cute! When our neighbor told us what we'd done, luckily they had a friend who owns a farm so they took it there. They are hard to resist when we see them but what do you do?

  2. Another case of "Killed by Love". So cute and sad all at the same time!

  3. Awww...this reminds me how we have a nest on our porch this spring and Leo showed Isabella--the baby birdies finally hatched! Hoping she doesn't try anything to get them's so hard to resist, isn't it?