Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ups and Downs of Blogging

For some reason I'm not feelin' so good about my blog this morning. Well it's this dang low selfesteem, second guess yourself thing. Last night I was so excited about the followers I've got with only a couple weeks of blogging and the wonderful support (you ladies are awesome!) Seriously you almost get giddy over something someone else would think is like "ya whatever". It's been good for my self esteem. I've been reading so many awesome, amazing blogs and well....enter the ugly, nasty thoughts that I won't go on about cause I sound like I'm whining.....maybe I am.
I am just like super mood swing mom lately. I mean I go to bed so happy with my new blog and wake up covered in self doubt again. There's a lot more to this bloggy thing than meets the eye. Part of me really wants to do this cause I need a place to let things out and the other part well....you know :) I just can't give in this time cause if I want things to change I need to change them (if that makes sense)
'Sides I have three of the bestest kids in the world that I totally don't deserve but love with everything in me and they deserve better.


  1. Blogging is way frustrating! It's hard especially when you have those days that you feel like you should post something but don't have much to talk about... I do love my blog though!! Your right, it is a great place to let everything out!! :)

  2. I can't think too much about this stuff or I'd quit blogging. I just have to remember the reason I originally started mine- which was to have an outlet to get things out and not to take over the world and remind myself that I am getting things out so that's all that matters.

  3. I echo what both Ali and Shell said. It is a great place to vent and say things you want to say but like Shell said, you have to just let it all go and that's all that matters. :) You are doing a great job! I love visiting your blog.