Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy and Me/Mono Monday

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The kids and I made some fishies and hearts with contact paper and tissue paper (so fun and cute we make all kinds of things and decorate the window) Anyway we put them up on the wall when they do little chores around the house or if Ethan does his homework or Aria stays dry so many times (yes we are still having issues at almost 4 and it's driving me nuts!) Ok point. Ethan got his ten fishies so he got to go to the community pool with Mom. (I took the picture before we went cause I don't look to hot with wet hair and blood shot eyes :))

In The Palm of Nature

Goodmorning from God
Greeting the World
Heaven's Smile
For all to see

I can hear you
So gentle
I can feel you
So near
I can see you
So real

Window of Heaven
Glimpse of eternity
Brilliant colors running into eachother
Headed by a ball of fire
Sinking into the

Angelic world
Why have you changed?
'I have not changed
Just open your eyes
I am there
And will be

I totally had so much fun with this. I love nature pictures!

.....yes that is snow from this weekend!!


  1. How fun! I bet Ethan loved to go swimming. :)
    The pictures are beautiful. Gotta love snow in May. :)

  2. Congrats to Ethan for getting to go swimming! I'm sure he had even more fun because he earned the privilege.

    And, snow? In April/May...that's not right.

  3. I love the snow by the playground and the panorama of the mountain...beautiful!

  4. The mountian photo is so great...and thanks for following. I look forward to learning more about you.

  5. Well, you beat me to it! Guess you already know about the award! :-) I didn't remember until just now that you had gotten it (duh or you wouldn't really have given it to me huh?). Hope you don't mind getting it again. I didn't! Sorry-I know it was hard for me to narrow mine down to 12 and then another 12! Is this your second time getting this one? I just realized if we keep giving it to each other the cycle will never end!!!

  6. Those are some amazing b&w pictures. I am so glad you are joining us for Mono Monday. Your pictures are so inpirational and actually make me want to visit the snow. Keep rocking!!! Happy Monday :)

  7. Wow those are amazing, beautiful shots! I'm following...can't wait to see what you share next week.

  8. Beautiful Black and white shots. I love the one of the snow. I don't love snow this time of year, but your pictures were fabulous!