Thursday, May 6, 2010


Why are dreams so much better than reality sometimes? The feelings are always so much more intensified. Dreams can hold a lot of meaning or be meaningless.
When I was younger I often had scary dreams of floating or dreams of being chased by a sandman or a giant slug. Once I had a dream I passed my driver's before I did and I was so incredibly happy, then I woke up and realized I hadn't yet taken the test and I was so dissappointed. Probably meaningless.
Long before Ethan was born I had a dream that was simply the word mom (it actually might of been one of those pre concious things ya know right before you fully wake and you're in like a transition stage from sleeping) My husband said he had a dream around the same time that was simply a well dressed little boy reaching out to us. Probably some meaning there.
When I went through my Michael Jackson fetish stage in my youth (ya don't laugh) I had dreams that I actually met him and we took walks together (no really please don't laugh). Definately meaningless.
When Ethan was about 1 I had a dream that we were all on vacation and the scene was me standing on a balcony overlooking Danny and Ethan playing on the beach. Just one scene but it was one of the happiest, most peaceful feelings I've ever had. Probably Meaning.
When my husband and I went through our extreme difficult time I had a couple dreams where we were together and then I had this evil, fearful feeling from him. Definately Meaning.
Now recently I had a dream that I was again with Danny but this time the feeling was the complete oppososite. I hope Meaning.

Now we seem to be entering into another phase of our relationship as Danny has seemed to finally come to the realization that he has deep seeded issues from his past that need resolving (which ofcourse I have known for years :)) and will not simply be fixed by some antidepressent which only buries feelings deeper and masks them up. No good. They need to actually come out. Could be a long process.
I wonder what sort of dreams this will bring?

What sort of dreams have you had that have had meaning in your life or even no meaning?


  1. Wow, you have some really intense dreams! My dreams, however, are a little less intense. I was supposed to take my kids fishing today with my stepdad and I cancelled because we just have too much going on. The kids seemed fine with it.

    But then last night I had a dream that we caught all kinds of fish...bass, trout, salmon, even lobsters. I had no clue why I dreamed about it but then one of the kids this morning told me how sad they were that we weren't going fishing. So I guess that was my guilty conscious speaking to me through a dream!!

    Thanks for the lovely comments you've been leaving on my blog and for the follow! Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you! I'm following you now so I'll be able to keep up on the latest!!

  2. Wow, not sure I have had any dreams that had real meaning, after my ex-boyfriend (I was 17 at the time) killed two people and was convicted and put away for life with/out parole..(read my scary story on my blog) I had dreams that he was chasing me and I would run through these doors...and just before I would wake I would open one last door and he would be there on the other side of it..I had that dream for many years after the killings...I guess you would say it had meaning because he had wanted to kill me..but here I am so many years later!

  3. My hubby remembers me telling him I had a dream where we were going to have a boy. This was when we just had our two girls and he wasn't really wanting more. Well, we did get our little boy, yea! I definitely believe certain dreams have meaning.

  4. I have great dreams! I get excited to go to sleep, and hate getting up sometimes! Its the worst when you wake up from a great dream, and try as you might you can't get back to it!