Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday "de"pressional

-Dear Glamazon, I hope it's ok that I took the liberty of changing the awesome name of your meme but I thought it was fitting for the ocassion

-I feel kinda bleak right now

-my husband had a job in the bag but it was like a 2 ½-3 hr. drive a day; sorry the expense of gas wouldn't even make it really worth it and our poor beat down car could not take that kind of driving

-and if our flippin car goes out we would be screwed
(we've poured so much money in that sucker it better last for awhile!)

-the economy sucks right now and I'm really getting ticked at the corruptness of Corporate America!

-we just lost 292 bucks which put our account back to 0; damn greedy banks! we owed it they took it, thanks for the warning greedy buttheads!! Hmmm do you intend to pay back the many people you screwed over when you went under??? Ya.. didn't think so

-Dang! Why didn't I pay that bill earlier in the day

-so now we gotta beat this scum bank to the punch before they grab our money again!

-am I talking to myself? I'm really not crazy

-I got some stuff to take to kid-to-kid but I'm just to lazy….don't know if it'd be worth it

-sorry for my rant (it's totally not my nature to be this bitter) well I guess it must be a little or I wouldn't be talkin' like this right?

-but it could always be worse; I really need to count my blessings

-I have a lot of them

-The End.

On a lighter note Tabatha from Expressing it ALL!
(whoa! What is goin on here….four awards and my blog is still a baby!)

Well I don't know if it's quite an "award" but it's certainly……ahem...interesting :)

So here goes: (I'm a super goody goody so I don't do things like this but I guess I'll let my carnality take over….just this once right? :))

The rules are I must tell you 5 CHARACTERS with whom I would choose to knock boots with, or bump plastics with in this case I guess. and then of course pass it on!!

First of all can I just say that who in their right mind would wanna knock boots with someone else? (unless they were line dancing?) I don't even own a pair of boots??

Upon further examination of this intriguing picture I discovered a deeper meaning, (I'm pretty naive and a lot of things do go over my head but every now and then I do catch on to the grown up world)

so here goes: (and no mom I don't really do that even though I have three kids :))

1. I know some people might ew but I love love love Hugh Grant!

2. And who can resit the adorably cuteness of Shia LeBeof

(if you look closely it actually says Tylaine on his stomach)

3. I'm not a bad boy girl but Hugh Jackman does have a soft side too (what's with the name Hugh?)

4. I know we're not talking character or anything here so I'll go with Johnny Depp
(pirates alive!!!)

5. And I cannot forgot! oh my heart....Russel Crowe!

...passing on to....

1. Kim @ So many kids so little time
2. Mindi @ Mindi's Manic Meandering's
3. Terry @ Oh for pete's sake!
4. Glamazon @ Glamazon Mormon Mom
5. Ian @ Daily Dose of Reality (you can do women if you like :))

Ok I'm going to Hell now. Seriously my heart was even racing as I did this (don't laugh....ya...that's how uptight I am)


  1. Oh my gosh, I think that is the best award ever! I love it. Super duper love it. So funny!

    Aw, honey, I am so sorry about EVERYTHING! Money stuff is the WORST, and then add unemployment on top of it? It ain't right. It just ain't right. I'm so so so so sorry. My prayers are with you...hope that your week gets better!

    PS-Make Ian put guys, it would be so much more interesting :)

  2. LOL Tylaine! You are braver than I am. Love it!

    The bank did it? That is so bad. I'm so sorry you are going through all this. Sending prayers and {{HUGS}} your way friend.

  3. Money issues suck! For a while I was having a lot of dreams about my teeth falling out. It scared the crap out of me. So I googled it.. and guess what? It means you're stressed out about money! Now I realized that whenever I am under financial stress I have those kind of dreams!


    Congrats on the award! how funny is that!

  4. Banks are the worst, right! I love the award, thanks so much for passing it along! And seer, if you get to hell before me, just like save me a good seat, yea??

  5. Not even close to a rant, my dear. :)

    That award is so freaking funny.

  6. My husband had to quit a job in the fall because they cut his hours so much he didn't make enough to pay drive back in fourth 7 days a week (for an hour or two day) sux the games these companies are allowed to play all because they are money hungry. They have no clue, if they would take care of the working class, the working class would spend money and in return take care of them. DOPES

  7. okay..that award is hilarious...congrats..i you are having a great day!

  8. Now that is an award worth putting on your side bar! hahaha Thanks for passing it along! hahaha

    I think money can destroy that happiest person! Maybe that's why it's the root of all evil or something. I totally know how you feel! I want to drop everything and go live on a mountain to get away from it all!

  9. Totally unrelated-I left you a little somethin' somethin' on my blog :)