Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I absolutely love Shell's PHYO Meme but I really wasn't gonna post anything today. I actually thought of giving up on this whole blog thing cause I hate always being so negative and I don't wanna drive ppl away with that. But I need it for me. I felt super down yesterday (ya just hear the violins) It is what it is....just one of my many pity parties lately (ya as in the past 3 years) I felt like the most ungrateful person in the world.
After reading many of the fabulous PHYO posts by so many others and what these amazing women have struggled with and overcome is just inspiring. Seriously if you have not read them DO! It's almost like they were written just for me. I realize that my little problems in my little world are so insignificant compared to what others have gone through. I am so incredibly blessed and I need to stop being a baby and just be grateful for what I have. I don't say that at all in a haha my life is better than yours kinda way. (I don't even like typing those words) I say it in a I truly admire you for your strength and courage and being a wonderful example kinda way. (and thankyou for knocking my humility level up a notch)
I'm tired of having regrets. I'm tired of feeling like I'm wasting away the days. I'm tired of being dissapointed in myself. I know I'm capable of so much more. So why stay in this routine? Cause it's comfortable and change is dang hard! I feel like such a flake cause I know I've talked like this before but I really need to do something. I gotta stop being so immature and act my age. You know you're immature when your 4 year old tells you to not get so frustrated or mad or to stop yelling or that it's gonna be ok when you're breaking down crying. This blog world is truly awesome and I'm so glad I finally got up the courage to start "my own" blog.
Like I've heard so many times. Happiness is a choice and I have to try harder and get out of my comfort zone (cause right now it's not a fun place to be which is kinda an oxymoron.....but so is the mind of a woman).
I just wanna give a big thanks to all you wonderful, amazing women who are so open and honest on your blogs. It truly is a blessing to know there are so many women out there that have the same, sometimes completely irrational, feelings as you do.


  1. I dont want you to quit either!! :) your my bloggy friend!! :)

  2. I look at my blog a little like therapy. Everything has to come out somewhere. Some days, it might be full of hope and excitement, and others, not so happy things. But, it's all real. It's all me.

    And yours is you. :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh Tylaine, please don't quit. I would be heartbroken. Our blogs are how we met. You are so loved here, and IRL. I know it! You are having such a hard time right now and I feel so bad about that. I wish I had a magic wand. But know I am always here for you friend. You are great! xoxoxo

  4. Hey, I saw your comment in my blog (thank you very, very much!), and so I thought I'd come over here to say hello!

    You know, it's easy sometimes when we see the inspiring stories of others to remember that our own stories have value and meaning, too. Just by the little bit of your blog I've seen, I'd say that your own place in your own corner of the world is so, so valuable, and you shouldn't discredit it. Nor should you discredit your negative and down feelings just because you feel that others have had it harder. It's ok to feel what you feel. Getting it out is better than keeping it in.

    Again, thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to "meet" you!

  5. What i've come to realize is that my blog is just that.. MY blog. I love that I can write exactly how I am feeling! There are times I start to censor myself, and then realize why?! These people are here to read about my REAL life.. not one that I make up. If we wanted to a fake reality, we'd watch reality television. The reality is some times were down. Some times we want to run away from our kids. Some times we cry. Some times we burn the supper. Some times we order a pizza because we don't want to do the dishes. Some times were happy. Some times were silly. Its just is. :) Never ever apologize for what you write or how you feel! :)

  6. Like Shell said, this is great therapy! Believe me, I do this specific meme just so I can share what I have been through and that maybe, just maybe it might help someone. So many of us have gone through the same things and it's so good to hear that we aren't alone. Hang in there and don't quit are great and I love your posts!

  7. Writing is therapeutic. And I have to be honest. Once I started blogging about the fun and funny things that were going on around me, I started to notice them more often. I think that is true. The more we look for the good, the more easily we can see it in our lives. We all have those plateaus or stagnant times, but you can get through it. I can get through it. Keep up the writing...we can all lean on each other!!

  8. Don't give up on blogging. You have to remember that you're writing for yourself not for others. It is your blog and whatever you feel like writing then write it. People are not perfect and if it seems too good to be true, then it must be.
    I would miss you if you stopped.