Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comment-love Love

The wonderful Tiffany over at My crazy Kind of Wonderful honored me with this lovely award! Thanks so much Tiffany. Her blog is awaesome if you haven't checked it out.

(Is that not the cutest award pic.!)

Ok so for this award I gotta answer these narcisisstic questions and then pass on this lovely award. :) So here goes:

1.)Why do you blog?
Because a shrink is too expensive! and I've never felt a part of something like's nice to know there's others out there with the same feelings, insecurities, irrationality, whateva!
2.) What are your three best memories?
birth of Ethan, Aria and Emma
3.) If you had to change your real name, what would you change it to?
4.) What are 5 things you can't live without?
food and water (duh), my family, my computer, clothes (ya I'd prefer not to go around naked)
5.) What are the the 4 best books you have ever read?
Harry Potter, Twilight, The Host, some book I read about a girl who had to go to a hospital for lepers in like the 1800s (I'm not much of a reader as you can tell :))
6.) Tell me something unique & interesting about yourself?
I can't wait to go on a humanitarian vacation with my family and also serve a mission with my husband
7.) What do you love about yourself?
My sincerity and loyalty
8.) What is the best movie ever made?
It's a Wonderful Life (ya that's a good one :))
9.) If you have a Freaky Friday experience who would you want to trade places with and why?
My Aria, I would like to know how her crazy mind works
10.) What's the best part about being a woman?
Being a mother and experiencing the miracle of making a child (dang your good Tiffany!)

and I pass this award on to:

Laura @ The purseblogger
Jamie @ Little Bishop Chronicles
Brittney @ Unexpected Surprises


  1. Aw, thank you! This is a fun award. :) xoxo

  2. Congrats honey!!

    I love your answers! And, what--you don't just walk around naked? Weird! Hehe!


  3. Congrats, what a fun award! And please don't feel bad about anything you've said in regards to the adoption, I don't take anything personally. :) I don't even know what you said! LOL Don't give up on blogging - I love reading your posts, how you pour your heart into them, negative or positive it's good to get your feelings out!!!

  4. Thanks Tylaine! I'm hoping to make time tomorrow to answer my questions! Appreciate the support and the award!

  5. I love your answer to question one! SO true!