Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday Confessional

It's time to confess with Glamazon. Go ahead….what are your dirty secrets? (maybe I shouldn't take that so literally???)

I confess:

-I got a little ticked at my son for unplugging the deepfreeze so that everything spoiled
…..come on you're six now!

-I wonder when the day will come when I won't think 28 bucks for shoes is expensive
…….ya I know I'm cheap! Born of necessity folks 

-I am more than a little ticked that my four year old is still crappin' in her pants
…….any suggestions PLEASE!!!!

-I am super ticked at this sucky economy

-I am mundo ticked at this crapola healthcare the US has
…..a friggin' extraction costs 250 bucks!!!

-I need someone to slap some sense into me cause I am too ticked!!
….."Count your blessings…..count them one two three….."

-I ate three donuts in one day cause my super cute "mature" neighbor always gives us baked stuff on Fridays……this week it was wed. (I swear she's trying to make me fat)

-I've said swhite a lot this week
…..yes that's the actual word I use (you should know by now I'm a prude)

-Glamazon thinks I'm funny *snort*
…….I'm honored *snort*


  1. LOL at swhite! And you are funny. :)

  2. So sorry for the poop! the only thing that helped me get through that phase was to give him no attention at all for it. Clean it up without saying a word and go on with your day! crappy advice I know, but it worked for us! Good luck! I ate 5 mini butterfingers last night!

  3. this is funny ---- I just don't know if I can do it as well... confessing that you snort when you laugh - or is that just another funny.... you are hilarious. :)

  4. I am also annoyed that my 3 year old stick craps his pants.. its getting better, but REALly!!! YOU WERE COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED 6 MONTHS AGO?! what the heck happened! grrrr!! lol

  5. I like the swear word. One of my is "Rubber duck", along with many of the originals ;)

    Sounds like you could use some chocolate and a chick flick! :D

  6. hahaha, of course I think you're funny! You are! And its okay to be ticked-even at lots and lots of things. Especially poop. That takes the cake.

    Beware of your baking it's doughnuts, tomorrow, you can't see your feet...

    Thanks for playing!

  7. I'm sure you're doing everything you can with your 4 yr old. Some kids just take longer. My three year old seemed to take forever, then just got it all of a sudden.