Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If you've read my past PHYO's you know I'm the absolute antithesis of a social butterfly. In fact I didn't even really have any friends 'till I joined my church and started attending activities and stuff. (Ya I had absolutely zero social life)
A couple on months later a friend and I were chatting and she was talking about how she liked to sometimes chat online and that this was a way sometimes for people to actually hook up. Introducing my first internet experience. I chose a chat room I thought would be appropriate, filled out my online profile and started chatting. Yes it was a single's room and yes I was kinda looking to meet someone but the thought was really in the back of my mind; I just liked talking to "my boys" (I think I freaked my mom out when I said that) Anyways one day this dashingly handsome screename comes on :) His was dreamspark Mine was dreameyes. (Oh those two names are just meant to be together :)) Actually at the time I used my real name which was why he choose me to talk to: cause it was the only "normal" looking name (I guess JadeKing or TomTom weren't his thing) and I kid you not he thought I was a guy! Well he soon learned different.
So after a month or so I asked him to come up (ya so brazen of me I know!) He only could because his mom drove for Greyhound so he got free tickets or else he never could of afforded it. (yep meant to be) 30 hours on the bus!!!! stopping at every little po dunk town on the way. He almost turned back in Montana cause he had been burned so many times before (sorry baby I know it's humiliating but you were a geek, only I saw the true beauty beneath his geeky awkward exterior)
So my reaction when he got off the bus.....(before I saw him: face smiling after I see him: face faking smile, if ya get the picture; ya no starry eyes here)
Long story short. I love him; I turn him away; I toy with him; I tell him there's nothing; he leaves thinking he'll never see me again; I love him......typical right?
Back and forth visiting. Craziest thing I've done. Engaged after a month of IRL and about 8 of online. Serious, you think you know someone online, IRL is sooo different.
And of course there was a moment I gave the ring back. Oooo I was kinda nasty.
It all worked out. The fiancee visa was a hasel (nother story). But I made it to Utah.
After I was here about a week we were married in a little town south of where we live.

It was hot hot hot that day (and I mean that literally it was like 104) I think my mom from Alberta just about melted. It was so beautiful out though! The flowers were gorgeous! Did I mention it was hot??

Then of course we had to stop at McDonald's on the way home. (I always wanted to go into McDonald's in a wedding dress)

The reception was super beautiful too! (the one thing I regret though is not eating more!! Serious, the food was so good I should of got a to-go box for later :) hehe!)
And ofcourse we had to bring something Canadian :)

And now 10 years later we have three beautiful angels and are still goin strong (well not right now but hey! we will be :)) And noone thought it would last.
(Really my mom told me later that she thought I'd be home within a month! :)

This is not just pouring my heart out. This IS my heart. :) (So please be gentle :))


  1. That is such an aweswome story, and what a great love story that you will be able to share with your kids! I love that you went to McDonald's in your wedding dress!!!

    I left something for you on my blog...I know you already have it, but wanted you to know I think you're pretty sweet too! :))


  2. Oh, I love your story!

    My bil FINALLY admitted that he met his current girlfriend online- but, hey, a lot of people meet that way.

    And look how awesome it turned out for you!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I met my hubby online! He was local, though, so it wasn't quite as dramatic. =)

  4. Crazy story...I think the best relationships come out of a struggle. Thats how we know it’s worth it. Me and my hubby got married after about 9 months of dating...he was from Philadelphia staying in California for a bit to visit family... just to mention he never went back...haha. It was hard for awhile but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be! And OMG McDonalds in a wedding dress...I Love That!

  5. What a great story. I'm so happy that you found your heart!!!
    I love the pictures...thanks so much for sharing with us.

  6. I think it's great that you were able to make it work! I've seen my sister go through guy after guy (mainly online) and it's sad to watch. I'm so grateful you found love and whatever it is you are going through now, you've made it this far and have some amazing blessings (i.e. kids!) to show for it! It's nice to hear a good 'hey I met this guy online' story! :-)

    Oh and just to give you yet another way we are similar, my husband and I went to Walmart in our wedding clothes after our reception! Now, almost every year on our anniversary we head out to whatever town we are in to hit the Walmart! :) Good memories, because you don't hear people say everyday 'yeah we went to walmart on our honeymoon' or in your case, McDonald's! I love it!

  7. Great story! I love to read how the "craziness" all evens out to a great ending. How two people in this world ever come together has to be a miracle, no matter the method of finding one another.

    Love that you went to McDonald's in your wedding dress. . .priceless! LOL!

  8. I loved hearing this story! You are so cute Tylaine. :)
    I am so glad to see your pictures. Such a cute family. :)

  9. Love the story! I think in every relationship you go through struggles and ups/downs...but making it through is what counts. You have a beautiful family!

  10. Beautiful story! Beautiful family! Fun to read - thanks for sharing your love story!

  11. What a great love story! It's great to hear that you met your husband online and it worked out. How cute that you went to McDonald's in your wedding dress and you have pictures to prove it.
    I'm glad to have "met" you on here. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such a sweet story...and you are so brave. I couldn't imagine moving away from home. Guess that's why I married the boy next door.

    Glad I found your blog. :)

  13. I love this, your pictures are beautiful. My one wish is that I would have had an actual wedding, I think its awesome that you went to McDonals in your wedding dress that is amazing!

  14. Hey Tylaine... that's a hard-case story (that means "funny" where I come from); I've met a few people who've met online and are married with kids and still going strong.
    One of my friends moved to the U.S. from New Zealand to marry her online guy; they now live back here and are still going great.
    Wow, from Canada to Utah! I'm thinking that's a pretty long way on a bus.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment too.

  15. Amazing that your mom supported your choice, even though she didn't think it would "stick." Great story, adorable family. Love the header pic on your blog. Did you draw it?

  16. Hey girl.. I left you something over at my BLOG!! :) K <3 ya

  17. What a great story!! I have lots of friends who met online. It's a great way to go, I guess. And loving that temple behind ya! My sister was married there,

  18. Awesome story! So glad you both hung in there. Your family is beautiful.