Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why the people who built our house are morons

1. NO Storage!!
-what people 50 years ago didn't buy extra toilet paper or stock up on canned goods
and what about decorations....well I guess that's why every house around here has a shed.....well I have one word for that...BUGS ewwwww!

2. Closets are waaay to close to the clothes

Maybe I'm strange but I hate the fact that my clothes are constantly rubbing against this ancient wood
....oh and same goes for the backs of the closets; I guess people were smaller back then??

3. A/C right next to the patio

Oh my Duh!!! When are people most liekly to bbq? the summer When are people most likely to have the A/C on? the summer put two and two together!

4. Smurf size Kitchen

-ya...I totally blame my lack of culinary skills and desire on just not wanting to be in here

5. Basement stairwells the size of a shoebox??? Huh?

-I am not even kidding when I say I spent at least 1/2 hr. cleaning this stupid thing this afternoon....I think I can still stand up straight??

Oh and the best of the best! (guess this "good job" goes to the brilliant lanscaper)
6. Willow trees in the front yard...are you kidding me!!

-ya pretty to look at but a royal pain in the butt!
tree suckers all over the yard, completely uneven lawn (I can seriously not even dig once in the flower bed the trees are planted in without hitting a ton of roots; hence no flowers), nasty roots bending and growin all up in the pipes=mundo plumbing problems [oh I feel sorry for the poor suckers that move here after us]

Ya...I can't wait to move
(no there's definately no plans to move in the future; I SO wish!!!!)

...but dang I'll miss the view


  1. The title sucked me in! Ha! I guess we all have those little things about our houses that just annoy the heck out of us! But what a great view!!!

  2. I love the view. Be thankful for that. Should I tell you about a place we rented when hubs was still in med school? (read: we were extremely poor) The closets YOU have look gigantic in comparison to what they called "closets" in our home. Basically, they were doors that when opened revealed a wall about 2 inches away. Okay, maybe 3. Honestly, there was no way you could hang anything in these so-called "closets".

    Moral of the story? Things could always be worse. Plus, looks like you have alot of good stuff going on. Enjoy!!!

  3. Sorry for this additional comment. Didn't realize I wasn't following you. I am now!!!

  4. I think sometime, the designers should sit down with their wives (because you know a woman would have thought this stuff through) BEFORE they build the house. I'm just saying...
    And what a beautiful view of the mountains!! I could have flower boxes for a view like that!

  5. I have the exact same problem. No storage!

  6. Wow...What an incredible view you have! I would love to be able to see mountains out my front door.

    Loving This Mom Stuff