Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comment Love Letters

If you haven't join in Comment Love Letters at Kerri Klutter, You should It's kinda fun! Especially this week cause she is donating 1$ to be matched by Adrienne, to Mission Monkey. So please contribute!

Kerri’s Clutter

Dear Tylaine,

Glad you had some good weather. I'm still waiting for ours. They are precious memories. Aww..Little weed helpers…so cute! That is real motherhood. Great pictures and such cuties. :)

Don't you dare stop writing! :) I look at my blog a little like therapy. Some days, it might be full of hope and excitement, and others, not so happy things. But, it's all real. Our blogs are how we met. I wish I had a magic wand. You know, it's easy sometimes when we see the inspiring stories of others to remember that our own stories have value and meaning, too. Nor should you discredit your negative and down feelings just because you feel that others have it harder. If we wanted a fake reality, we'd watch reality television. The reality is sometimes we're down. Sometimes we want to run away from our kids. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we burn the supper. Sometimes we order a pizza because we don't want to do the dishes. Sometimes we're happy. Sometimes we're silly. It just is. :) So many of us have gone through the same things and it's so good to hear that we aren't alone. Once I started blogging about the fun and funny things that were going on around me, I started to notice them more often. The more we look for the good, the more easily we can see it in our lives. People are not perfect and if it seems too good to be true, then it must be.

And, what—you don't just walk around naked? Weird! He he! I don't take anything personally. I don't even know what you said! LOL This blog world rocks.

Sniff, sniff I miss UT! I'm excited to hear that there are things to do that won't break the bank. But from here, paying for the 3300 mi round trip might be rather onerous. Cheers!

Your wonderful readers