Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Connfessional

Yay! it's time for Friday Confessional with Glamazon!!

-Way back in jan. I found out that one of my college courses had no due dates until the end of the semester…

-so ofcourse I joked to myself that I would procrastinate everything till the night before

-hmmm guess I was only semi joking

-the last few weeks I have been feverishly trying to get all my quizzes and modules done

-I had also complained about the research paper when I saw it was due and whined to my hubby that'd he'd have to help me

-so he sat down and wrote the whole thing

-online courses are kinda a joke

-I'm not taking them for credit though: just so my brain doesn't turn to mush

- the reading is interesting though: I kinda wish now I had spent more time on it

-when I said I hate the cold last Friday; I didn't really mean "hate"; I do like the cold when it is SUPPOSED to be cold! (like in the middle of winter for two days)

-I AM Canadian! Sheesh!

-when I first moved here I thought Utahns were a bunch of whiners in the winter and they had no idea what cold really was

-well I do have an idea what cold really is but I have also become one of those whiners

-my 16 month old walks pigeon toed….Is this a problem? Should I be concerned?

-I have actual conversations with said 16 month old; it's hilarious because I really have no idea what she is saying? (ya they don't have baby speak in college)

-Have you ever thought that maybe part of the reason babies get so frustrated is because they are thinking: "Hey I'm talking to you and you're not answering!"

-I know I have three children but I am still amazed at how small and deflated my boobs get after nursing or should I say how big and inflated they get when you do nurse HA!

-I really hate going shopping and having to penny pinch

-and I'm not talkin' shoppin' shoppin', I'm talkin' like "toilet paper and bananas" shopping! (totally stole that line from Miracle on 24th street)

-it's no secret how much I love food and it would be nice to be able to go and just grab whatever I wanted (within reason of course ) and not have to worry 'bout the price

-when I teach at church on Sunday I sometimes feel like a hypocrite

-I am super duper worried and concerned about my hubby's lock o' job and I know it's way stressful for him too...please pray for us


  1. I hate having to watch what I spend to! I wish there were 'magic' money that I could just spend whenever I wanted to do whatever I wanted. I hate having to count how much I am spending at the grocery store because we have to keep within budget. I can't imagine having to do it on an even more limited budget as you are having to do-prayers being said for the job situation.

  2. You? A hypocrite?? Oh come on!!
    And I hear ya on the penny pinching! It's become the American way!! Sucks!! There must be light at the end of the tunnel, yes?

  3. What type of work does your husband do? (You never know where you might find a connection for a good job)

    I hate hate hate the cold and I'm sick of this freezing spring- bring summer on already!

  4. I hate the cold, but I maybe hate the hot even more. I like it between 67 and 72 degrees, partly cloudy with a little breeze. Always! Sweetie, I think all babies are a little pigeon toed. It's adorable watching them walk. It sounds like you are doing fine in Utah. Big change from Canada, eh? I'm so glad you are hooked up with Glamazon! She rocks!

  5. I hate the cold. Except for on Christmas, because I can have love in my heart for one day a year. Other than that, I hate it. Even if I am a Utah whiner :) I'm with you on the toddler thing-I think it would be incredibly frustrating to try to communicate with people all day, and not only do they not understand you, they make you do whatever they want you to-take a nap, eat, take a bath, etc. No wonder they throw temper tantrums-so would I! :)

    Penny pinching-oh my. That just puts a pit into my stomach! Not fun at all. Hope things look up for you real soon!