Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I AM Pissed!!!!!

I am sure there's a rant meme somewhere but I need to rant....

Ya ok you know I am mad when I use that word cause I NEVER use that word....I don't even really like it (not that I mind when other people use it so don't go gettin offended and thinkin I'm a major prude {which I am but not a judgemental one :)}) Anyways I am so flamin' hot mad right now my fingers can't even move fast enough!
Lately I've been thinkin' a lot about healthcare and how the US healthcare system IMO is seriously messed up! I never really thought much about it being from Canada and never having to worry about bills and stuff. Man if I went through what I did and we lived down here!...don't even go there!
About a year ago I had to have my tooth extracted because a dang root canal was 900 bucks!.........WITH insurance!!! What the crap! I was so upset that I had to lose a precious part of my body cause of greed. Plain old greed!!
Now my husband is sitting in the same chair at this very minute having his precious tooth yanked! (well his isn't as precious as mine right :))
My aunt who lives in Alberta comes down here (to the states) quite often and well this last time she had a bowel rupture and had to have surgery and after weeks here was lifeflighted back to Canada. You know what it cost her.......Guess.....what was that....NOTHING!!!....did you hear me? NOTHING!!
Now how is it that a mother who has a 16 month old with cancer has to worry about paying the bills. Dang it people her daughter's health is her number 1 priority and she has to worry about flippin' bills??? What is wrong with that? Seriously messed up!
When I had Aria we had to shell out 2000 bucks (of my dad's money :) Thanks dad) and that's only if we payed within 10 days....if not then it probably woulda been 5743 bucks and 22 cents! When I had Emma luckily we were on gracious medicaid who paid the bill for none only then the greatest miracle on earth! but I guess when I had Ethan I hadn't been Americanized enough to deserve their money!
Now I'm certainly not comparing teeth problems to having cancer or any other illness.
But it's still health. And what is wrong when people put money ahead of someone's health or life even?

......and that is why I am Peed right now


  1. I'm am sorry to see you so upset, maybe you need to step away from the keyboard and take a deep breath.

  2. Oh Tylaine--I am SO with you on this! You should hear my hubby talk about US healthcare. It's a joke! I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's not right. I could go on and on...

  3. I hear you...its ridiculous... for the past year me and my hubby have been praying not to get sick... we have no insurance, just my little one...and thank god for that. I cant wait till his healthcare kicks in for the job his is at right now so I can finally get a check up, I havent seen a doctor since I had my daughter....and now shes two!

  4. Simply saying... Praying for you! Theres not much I can say, except you're in my thoughts. HUGSSSS

  5. It really is ridiculous. There are so many models of healthcare that work and we stay married to this one, even though it's been proven over and over that it's flawed. We need to be trying new things and providing the best healthcare possible to everyone.

    (Of course, this is coming from the girl who has never had health insurance and who has some bad medical bills on her credit report, so grain of salt it.)

  6. It's ridiculous. We're lucky with our medical since Leo is in the Air Force. But my dental insurance? Sucks ass. We've had to pay hundreds of dollars because they can't see me on base. It's absurd and I'm so sick of everyone having to pay an arm and a leg for basic healthcare options. It's not right. We're human--where's the compassion in helping other humans?!?! Geez...now this has me thinking of news stories where people get beat, hit by cars, etc and nobody stops to help them out...ugh!

    I'm PMS'ing...I need to stop typing now :)

    xoxo honey & I lol'd at that first comment from Mrs. Claus...lol!

  7. its very frustrating. Especially when you do have insurance and you're still struggling!