Friday, May 7, 2010

Me in Threes

I was Tagged in this fun "whateveryoucallit" thing by the wonderful Ali from Mommie Life If you haven't checked out her and her adorable family DO! She's Awesome.

K I totally don't know how to do cute fonts or even centering or anything yet. I'll figure it out. :)

My Three's

Three Names I go by

Tylaine (duh)
Birdy or the very shortened version of Bird
Baby (ya that one's only for my hubby so don't get any ideas)

Three jobs I've had:

Maid for a couple different elderly ladies
kitchen help (ya I was hot in that hairnet!)
PCA at a home for adults with physical disabilities

Three places I've lived

Edmonton, Alerta
Calgary, Alberta
West Jordan, Utah

Three favorite drinks:

Mots for Tots (ya I'm not ashamed to drink kid juice :))
Welch's CherryGrape (ya I'm pretty tame I know)

Three favorite movies:

New World
The Fountain
My Sister's Keeper (I was never good in math either)

Three places I've been:

St. Thomas
Prince Edward Island (home of Anne of Green Gables...nother favorite movie! ha)
Victoria, British Columbia

Three places I'd like to visit:

Upstate New York (don't have much of a desire to go in NY though....maybe if I had A LOT of money :))

Three favorite foods: (Ah come on, only three, really?)

Snow crab, snow crab and more snow crab (does that count as three?)

Three makeup products I can't live without:

(oh seriously, what is makep?)
um blush
lip gloss
yep that's it

Three things I'm looking forward to:

My Aria's birthday
My mom coming down
Danny getting a job!!! (I wish I had somethin' more exicting)

Three people I tag

Laura @ Purse Blogger
Stef @ Oops...there goes my mind!
Brittney @ Unexpected Surprises


  1. So fun! I love reading more about people. :)

  2. I posted something for you on my blog. You should check it out on Sunday!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I love snow crab too...I could eat it night and day and never tire of it!

    You've been to Saint Thomas? I've always wanted to go there! It must be like heaven on earth!!

    My husband just bought Avatar and the kids LOVE it. They love to repeat that line..."this is sad...very sad only".