Sunday, May 30, 2010

For me??

Well gee I received another award (I really can't believe it my blog is so new) from two people! Thankyou so much to Glamazon and DysFUNctional Mom!

So for this award I'm supposed to list 7 things about me and then of course pass it on to some other awesome blogs that you've recently found :)

1. I absolutely LOVE the smell of coffee although I do not drink it

2. I'm a food picker….I pick off my husband and children's plates….I will also eat your pizza crusts. Funny little story: When me husband came up to Alberta the first time to see me we went out for pizza and I ate his pizza crusts. He later told me that he was surprised I did that cause we hardly knew eachother and he knew I kinda liked him cause he thought it was "forward" of me. Crazy Yank!!!

3. I flew 1300 miles to get my fiancĂ©e visa and forgot my birth certificate but they still issued it….something that would probably never happen now….they would of probably made me mail it or even come back

4. I have a Wellar nose. Has a little crook in it.

5. I have a bad habit of smelling my fingers and when I was flexible enough sometimes I got a whiff of my toes (what was I thinking!!)

6. When we were first married one night my husband got up to do his business and I shot up and exclaimed loudly "I'm your wife!!!" and dropped back asleep.

7. Sometimes I really can't believe I'm THE mom because I am such a baby and a mama's girl.

I pass this on to:

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Krystyn @ Really, Are you Serious?
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Sammy @ Ridiculously Random
Anastasia @ Sweetbutterbliss!

(there really are so many more but I'm gettin tired of doing this link thingy and well....I'm just kinda lazy but if I didn't mention you please know you're all AWESOME!!)

Whew! That was tough (the naming things not passing it on :)) Now for the easier one. Lana @ tagged me and I get to list 5 things that make me grumpy.

1. When my husband plays his Xbox 360 (namely Modern Warfare!!!!) Can't even tell you!

2. Messes! (the house doesn't have to be clean per say just picked up with the look of clean)

3. Old people givin' me the stink eye when my unruly kids raise heck in church

4. Wasting time (eg. driving 30 min. to a place only to find out they are closed or looking 30 min. in a store only to find out you have to go somewhere else)

5. Disappointing people (including myself)

I want to hear what makes YOU grumpy!

Nikki @ My Fantabulous Life
Amy @ The Fourth Frog Blog
Kerri @ Kerri's Klutter


  1. Thanks Tylaine!! I appreciate you tagging me :)
    (Dunno if I'll do the list, but I sure an grateful for the encouragement from you :)

  2. I'm totally with you on #1, I very rarely drink coffee but the smell is soooo wonderful to me.
    And I smell my fingers too! Allll the time, and if they smell weird I have to wash them immediately!

  3. Awwww....thanks, hon.

    I, too will steal your crust if you don't eat it!

  4. YAAAA! I've totally spaced blogging for the last two weeks. Thanks for picking me!

  5. Woops. That last one was me! Will my sister EVER decide to log off before she gets off?