Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boys and Cars

This week on of the promps from Mama Kat's Workshop was the first date you went in a boy's car. Now I'm not sure this qualifies as a dat although I'm sure it did in his eyes. :)

I had been going to my church's single functions and stuff for a while and never even seen this guy once. I see him once and suddenly he sniffs me out like everytime!! Being the nice person I am I talk to him and smile my lovely smile all nicey nicey (even though he's not really the kind of guy I'd hang out with). So we talk and talk and has a few issues in his life that I, being the nice person I am, try to help him deal with. We meet at chuch. We meet in his car. We talk.

At the time I was going to a religious institute like all day everyday and I musta mentioned it because one day he shows up!!! No more sleeping in the library in the morning for me! Ya he just shows up!!! Comes to my classes with me. Hangs on my every breath. Seriously I cough, I sneeze, I sigh, I blink; he looks at me like "Oh my gosh what's wrong, is she ok, do I need to do mouth to mouth?" Dude don't you work or something??

So me, being the nice person I am, indulges him and we play pool and pingpong and have more deep convos and he takes me out for lunch in his totally awesome jeep. His family like owns a theatre so I guess he has tons of money and doesn't really do anything all day. I mean what was he doing before he started stalking me?? Really though he wasn't the creepy stalker type more the "I'm gettin' older and wanna get married" desperate type. Unfortunately he wasn't the only "I'm gettin' older and wanna get married" desperate type the was attracted to me. What's the deal?

Anyhoo, after a while of this I'm gettin' kinda ticked at this guy encroaching on my special "me" time at the institute. But me, being the nice person I am, puts on a happy face and sucks it up. Finally I've had enough. This is the night at the singles dance. After about the 6th dance with this guy, holding his sweaty hands and enduring his awkward smiles and fake laughs at whatever I say, I've had enough. I pull him aside and say we have to talk. Me, being the nice person I am, can not just say the obvious; "You're suffocating me with your desperateness and awkwardness and I just can't take it anymore!!!" but sugarcoates everything and tries to let him down easy but unfortunately it is difficult because this guy does NOT take a hint! (and believe me I tried)

So the conversation went something like this:

Me: P we gotta talk

P: Anything for you darling (awkward giggle)

Me: You're kinda sorta imposing on my personal space and freedom and it needs to end

P: What???

Me: I'm just not worthy of you're undivided attention and devotion and think we need to end it

P: But I love you so much! I just love you so much!

Me: You'll get over it and find someone who has the same (clingy, desperate) loving qualities as you do.

P: O *sniff* K *sniff* I love you! Bye

Me: Boy that was hard. At least I can have my sleeping in the library back.

He sure had a nice car though!


  1. We can't be all nicey nice to everyone - they misinterpret it be something else.

    Sucks, doesn't it? Can't even be kind and helpful to some people, because they think they've met their soulmate, and really, all you're guilty of is being a good listener.

  2. Sometimes going to those singles dances and the insitute used to bring out the most desperate (but nice) guys around. I wanted to breathe, but they wanted to marry! Oye!

    At least you were able to cut the rope with one convo!

  3. Haha. That is funny. Too bad about the Jeep, though. I might have given him a second chance...nah!

  4. Ugh! I am like you, I don't do good in difficult conversations. Gotta love the one-sided love

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