Monday, August 23, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday and Day 5 of Day of Truth

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My little man started 1st grade today. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Don't know if I should rejoice in the semi quiet time with only two little girls or I should cry and feel guilty for all the mornings I could have done more "fun" activities with him. Right now I'm leaning more towards the latter but hopefully that will change to the former. :)

That was then...

This is now...

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life

I joined my church when I was 19 years old so I never really thought much about serving a mission because women usually go when they are 21. By that time though I was involved with Danny. I got married at 22 but I always wondered what it would be like and I kinda wished I had had that experience. So one of my goals, OUR goals, is to serve a mission together later in life.


  1. Such a big boy! Hope that he enjoys his first day!

  2. Ohh how time flies! Im sure you missed your baby boy who is now a little man. Good luck on your first grade.

  3. He is adorable! I hope he has a great day!
    I never served a mission either. It would be a good experience. That's a wonderful goal Tylaine. :)

  4. That would be so cool to do a mission with your husband. Are you thinking when the kids are gone?

    I hope your little man has a GREAT first day of school!

  5. Some of my greatest memories in my life are from mission trips I've been blessed to be a part of! My husband and I hope to serve on the mission field somewhere, in some way after the kids are grown. You're never too old (or young really) to serve on a mission trip/field! I was 25 the last time I was able to go...hope you get to experience it sooner rather than later though! Just an awesome experience and you see and feel God moves in ways you hadn't imagined possible!

  6. They really grow up way too fast!

    And, you can always do missions later:)

  7. I saw your comments on my blog. I can't figure out what you're talking about with the email. I made it so that people could email me but I'm not sure what other settings to change. I've looked through them all. Glad to hear from you again!

  8. Your mission field is anywhere your feet and hands are...I'm learing that more and more everyday. Keep that longing in your heart and pray for ways to serve...God will bring about the opportunities. I've done short term mission trips to Alaska for the past three summers, and although it's hard to leave the fam, it's a blessing to serve where God leads!

  9. hey mom thank u for your comment on my blog :)
    well, I just found your blog then it interested me so I followed it.
    hey btw, is mommy and me monday such as a project?
    xo, Lorine

  10. Sigh...I feel ya on the "mommy guilt" Both of mine start school next week. Kindergarten & 2nd grade! I can't believe it! Time goes way to fast!

    I hope you do get to go on a missions trip together, whethere state side or out of the country, either way, it is life changing and what a great way for you two to strengthen your marriage! My hubby & I have never been together but I went on 4 when I was younger, amazing!

  11. Yeah, I met my husband before I got a chance to serve a mission also. We have the same goal. :D