Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday and Day 8 of Day of Truth

I hope I'm not breaking any rules here or anything but I thought it'd be kinda nice to review some mommy and me moments with the babes in the past. They grow up so fast and what mom doesn't love to go back and look at pictures of her babes! :)

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Don't you wonder what goes through babies minds sometimes. They have these intense looks sometimes like they're trying to read you or something. "So you're my mommy"

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like crap.

Well I would say crap is a little strong but I do wish my Dad had (did) treated me a bit better. Not that he doesn't love me to death and I love him, he just didn't make very good decisions. When I was 4 my Dad cheated on my mom and then made her get a divorce because he had no grounds (back then getting a divorce actually meant something). On his turns to take us he would often take us to his girlfriends and make us stay up for hours when we were tired and just wanted to go home. I remember one time I got really really sick and wanted my mom and he wouldn't even take me home! Hello your child wants their mom and is 6 yrs. old get off your butt say goodbye to your skanky girlfriend and do what's best for your child for once!!! Ofcourse all this was unbeknownst to my mom and she had to find out from her 10 yr. old daughter. Anyways all growing up I really wish I had had a better relationship with my dad. I could never really talk to him and he missed so much of our growing up. We have an ok relationship today (ofcourse he would say its the best) but it will never be the daddy-daughter relationship that all daughters deserve.


  1. Time slipped so fast and your Dad missed all the fun part of your growing up. He can't turn the clock back so, sorry to him for not being a very good Dad. Like you said he could have done better.

  2. That makes my heart sad! I hope that your childrens dad is more involved! I was lucky and my dad was a great dad. I hope that my BD can step up and be the daddy that Aidyn deserves! Sometimes he's fabulous, other times he SUCKS! I just try and be a good mom to make up for the two.

    This was a really honest post. I love that about you!

  3. I have major daddy issues. I just don't understand why sometimes they choose to be the way they choose. It's just not fair to the kids... at all!

    I'm really grateful that my kids have an amazing father and that my daughter will be able to have the daddy/daughter relationship that I completely missed out on growing up.

  4. I am sorry for what had happened during your childhood. I bet those experiences you had makes you a stronger person and a better mom.

    I look at my baby's photos too and it makes me realize how much they grow up so fast right before our eyes. We gotta love every minute with them. :)

  5. No rules broken! I'm always up for a trip down memory lane.