Thursday, June 17, 2010

Around my neighborhood

I've been such a downer lately I really have nothing to write about and right now I really don't feel like trying. So I've just been sittin' back reading all your fabulous blogs!!

I've been wanting to take my camera out in the morning and take some pictures but am just always too lazy (oh and the three kids kinda puts the kybosh on some things :)) Anyways this morning while my little man was watching his Thomas and the others weren't up yet I decided to make my escape! (don't worry the hubby was home) I'm glad I have a few pictures of the neighborhood because God willing we won't be here forever (although right now things don't look to hopeful) and when we do leave I know I'll leave a piece of my heart behind (as I think you always do when you leave somewhere you've lived and made memories) This house was where my first three kids were born and now it's also the house where Ethan goes to his first school and probably Aria too next year (never thought we'd be here this long)
I kinda wish I had done this around my neighborhood in Edmonton where I grew up. Although I have an image in my head and will never forget the memories it would be kinda nice to have pictures, ya know?
Welcome to my neighborhood...

The school where the kids go (about a block away) and the park where we spend many hours in the mornings before it gets too hot!!

Oh my gosh there's a pioneer ghost in the wheel!

I just LOVE all the trees in our area!

Don't we have the best looking fire hydrants :)

Our little rental with the crappy paint job and the knocked out screen from our crazy kids and the beat up tarus in the garage and the dead tree in the backyard (gotta love it)


  1. So pretty Tylaine! You live in a beautiful area. I hope things get better for you guys though and you can live where you want to be forever. xoxo

  2. Beautiful pictures and I envy you those mountains, I would need to be physically restrained from rushing out and up them in my hiking boots!

  3. Love all the pictures! WHAT a beautiful area!