Thursday, June 3, 2010


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I recently wrote a post about healthcare so for those who read it I won't repeat it here. Another issue I feel strongly about is childhood obesity. I know it says current event which this isn't but it definately is a current issue.

It makes my blood boil when I see obese and overweight children which is far too common in our society. Do children buy the groceries? Do children drive themselves out to eat? Do children put these dang vending machines in schools? Who are the responsible ones?
These are our children and we're slowing taking away their good health by making bad choices for them.
Now I don't profeses to know a lot about this issue. I've never had weight problems, my kids are anything but overweight so please don't flame me for my ignorance. I understand that some have genetic predispositions to weight problems and I know there are many people out there struggling with this issues and that do make healthy and good choices and still struggle. I applaud you.
I'm talking about the family where the kids are eating fast food 3 days a week and junk food and chocolate bars replace all fruit and vegetables. I guess what I'm saying is I get so mad when I see an obese child because they are NOT the ones making the food choices. I'm sure we've all seen the Dr. Phil or Oprah or whoever shows about obese children and the enabling parents. I feel for these parents because I can understand how hard it is to say no to a begging crying child but for goodness sake these parents are slowly killing their children for... love???
Children will eat if they are hungry so ofcourse they are going to grab a bag of chips or whatever after school if it is there but if there is only fruit on the table??? Oh yes they will eat it (and probably enjoy it a lot more that a bag of chips) I'm not saying don't enjoy a treat once in a while and I'm certainly not the best example. My kids could certainly stand to eat healthier but I do try. Many parents nowadays are just too apathetic. Too busy.
Food is such a hugs part of our lives. There are other issues facing youth today that would most likely improve with an improved diet.
I'm not the best with words and wish I could write my opinions more eloquently but this is something I feel pretty strongly about but I'm in no way saying I know much about the issue or I'm not open to change of thinking. JMHO :)


  1. Good post. I believe that parents need to help their children get more active. The more kids sit at home, the more they are going to eat because they are bored. THis doesn't mean sign them up for a sport, rather, go outside and play with your child. And parents need to demonstrate what healthy eating looks like. Parents have more control than they think. Great post!

  2. You are doing fine! You write very well. I agree with you on this. It's sad to me.

  3. Kids sit on their duffs way too much playing video games or watching TV. Drives me crazy too! Amen, sister!!

  4. I think its so important to have everything in moderation. I'll take Aidyn out for dinner at Mc.Donalds and to play in the play place.. but its not every day.. The same with goodies. Its okay from time to time, BUT not every day. My son eats more veggies and fruit the goodies. That should be EVERY parents rule of thumb!

    We are a VERY active family. Every day is full of playing outside, going to the beach, running around, and being kids. When my son is older, he'll have to earn tv/computer/nintendo time! Kids spend way too much time in front of those items.. We are growing a very lazy nation, and its parents that have to stop it!

    Great post!

  5. I have to tell my boys no to food sometimes. There's even a lock on our fridge and pantry.

    Now, before someone goes and thinks that I'm mean and am starving my kids- they are VERY good eaters. They eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. There is no fighting over food- they eat.

    And so I know that that is enough. And that other times, I have to tell them no. I can't let them eat all day long.

    And even though they might ask for something that is healthy, I STILL have to tell them no when I know that they have had enough to eat already.

  6. I'm with you. All too often I think parents offer their children unhealthy choices because they are easier and faster. We should all try to do better!

  7. You are a great writer! I am totally with you as well. I feel bad for those obese children. I am on the other side of the problem though - I have to force my kids TO eat. They are too much like me in the eating area.

  8. I can't tell you how much this issue irritates me!! A lot of the time the parents are obese too and I just want to shake them They know better than anyone how hard it was to grow up with those insecurities and here they are setting their kids up for the same scrutiny. Grrrr!