Sunday, June 6, 2010


David Archuleta spoke today at our church conference and I missed it! Now I do go to church every sunday but for this conference they have an adult session sat. night and then the sun. one. So being as it is so much easier to go without kids and you can actually pay attention Danny and I just go to one each. I went last night :( (Not that it wasn't still great :))
Danny said that during the concluding talk the President asked that noone ask for audigraphs from any of the speakers after. Ya....I'm sure he wasn't talking about David cause that kind of announcement is so frequently heard. It's kinda sad that he would have to mention something like that at a church service but you know if he didn't there'd probably be girls lining up in the foyer afterward. He probably still got acosted in the parking lot.
Well I guess you don't go to church because a famous person is speaking, right? Gotta say somethin' to make me feel better. :)