Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Confessional

It's Confession Time! Come on you know you want to :)

-Oh my little man is growing up; he's done K

-I told him about 1st gr. and how it's all day and he's gonna learn a lot blah blah blah

-his response : "Do I get to eat lunch there?" (all wide eyed) "Yes you do" "Goodie!"

-so at least he's looking forward to something

-I'm thinkin I'm just gonna buy the school lunches for him; he'd probably end up eating better

-Does that make me a lazy momma?

-I think I'm too late to put my daughter in preschool? I hope not

-It would be so good for her: send good vibes please

-I've written two opinionated posts lately and it feels good to get my voice out there

-Some people are scared to be too opinionated for fear of losing bloggers

-If you can't be totally you on your blog where can you be?

-I've been "not" myself too often (still do) so being able to be myself on my blog has been great

-I might do it more often

-I watched Ben Stein's Expelled last night: very interesting

-good watch if you're not pro-evolution; if you are you'd probably just get ticked :)

-one of the funniest lines from one of the super pro-evolution science geeks was that he said Noah's Ark and thinking that full grown animals came over on an ark would insult the intelligence of children: and yet he believe without a shodow of a doubt that every living thing on earth came from a single celled organism! LOL ya that's rich

-.....and I'm feelin'....FRUMPY


  1. I love when you are you! :) Its my favorite posts to read! :)))

  2. I love it too. And you are right, if we can't do that on our blogs, where can we? Our blogs are our own things, we have every right to say what we want on them. xoxo

  3. Being you is important, don't loose yourself for others

  4. hahaha, my five-year-old is super concerned for first grade...I told her she gets to eat lunch there with her FRIENDS, and she started crying and said, "NO!" When I asked why, she said, "It's too LONG to be in school all day! It's going to be so BORING!"

    Thanks for playing!