Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sticks and Stones....

may break my bones and names will....hurt worse!!

I'm comin' in kinda late today cause I haven't really posted in a while and wasn't going to but I read Ian's PYHO postand was kinda inspired with an idea (isn't it awesome how blogging can do that) So thanks Ian for the idea


Why do kids have to be so mean? When I was going through middle and high school I had some ignorant comments (and maybe moreso looks) to me cause I was a little different. Fitting in is sooooo important in those years and if you're different in anyway, you get picked on or rude comments or just ignorance. It's not even about looks either. Pretty people get picked on...because maybe they're shy or have low selfesteem. Maybe it's not that maybe they're poor and don't have designer clothes. I've seen both and looking back it's so incredibly immature and hurtful. Did these people have such low self esteem themselves that they needed to belittle others for being different. Comments hurt and even after 18+ yrs. I can still remember how I felt. Ofcourse I don't give any credence to them now but back then being told you're stupid by a peer weighs more on you than if your mom tells you 100 times how smart you are.

I guess my question is why are the parents not teaching these kids better? Yes I know some kids come from wonderful homes and are taught good things and are just plain bad apples; but the majority of kids who tease have no idea how it affects someone else and need to be taught that. Please don't let your kids grow up to be meanies. Teach your children that it's wrong. Maybe some of these meanies would have changed their behaviour had they been taught that it hurts. Sometimes it's not even a matter of meanness but a matter of ignorance.


  1. amen girl... amen!!!

    having been teachingin schools.. some of these kids are so MEAN to each other and it KILLS me...
    I really think they just don't know better at times!

  2. Growing up my mom always told me, the only way you could disappoint me is by being mean to others. Bullying was not tolerated in my household.

    To this day, Aidyn and I talk about "mean-ness".. The first time I heard him make a mean remark he had his first taste of hot sauce. Afterward we sat down and talked about nice words and mean words. We talked about "mean-ness" now whenever Aidyn see's someone being mean, or hears someone say something mean he goes "Thats just mean-ness!" It melts my heart and makes me so proud of him.

    I pray that he'll continue to use his voice to raise people up rather then tear them down! He will make his momma so proud of him!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I had to of course check yours out and LOVE IT. Happy Day!

    I used to run a daycare outta my home and I will say its more the parents then the children. We sadly live in a time where parents are too busy or just don't care about what their kids are doing.

    I grew up moving around ALOT, so I was always the New Kid on the Block and there were so many times when I wished I was a boy band because then at least I was "cool" and not the loner.

    Now today... I like being the loner because after years of daycare, I have lost my patience with adults....

  4. Hi there - I had two phases of being the outcast at different schools and totally agree with you, it is so very hurtful to go through as a child. But now I realize that all too often the children who do this are damaged goods in some way - either they are living with parents who bully them or set bad examples somehow or they have weaknesses, real or perceived themselves and choose to disguise these by being mean to and drawing attention to others who secretly they might also be jealous of. I desperately hope my daughter will never be subjected to this sort of treatment but odds are she will and I hope if so she will talk to me about it because then I will do my very best to help her see that it is not about her shortcomings but about theirs.

  5. This subject just absolutely kills me! I have a kid that's different... and not in a bad way, but he is different. Right now he's still in elementary and hasn't been EXTREMELY effected, but he's had kids tell him he's weird. I'm petrified for him to go to junior high or high school. I don't understand why kids have to be this way, but it absolutely KILLS me!