Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I don't have just one camping story to recall but I have many fond memories of camping growing up. I was quite young so the memories are a little foggy.

My Dad was the one that would always take us camping. There was one time we went with my uncle and aunt and their dog max. This is probably the one I remember most. I think I was about 6 yrs. old. Here's what I remember:

-Max gets into a fight with a horse and gets a bloody nose (Max was a Doberman and the biggest suck of a dog you ever knew....why he would pick a fight with a horse is beyond me???)
-I'm fishing while my aunt and her friend are soaking up some rays, fish hook gets stuck in my sundress (I ALWAYS wore dresses when I was younger, even fishing)
-My aunt tries to get it off but it is so tangled that she asks me to take it off so she can untangle it
-Little modest 6 yr. old me says "someone might see" (ya we're in the middle of nowhere and someone might come walking out of the woods to see my bare 6yr. chest with my little boobies the size of marshmallows)
-Showering from a makeshift shower in the trees
-Digging potty holes (the one reason I never wanna go camping in the wilderness again)
-We find a log boat or somthing on the brown creek river that we sit on and have a little "partay" (ya I'm 6)...well the adults
-The warmth of the sun in the tent in the afternoon
-Sitting around the campfire looking for falling stars

A few other memories from other camping trips:

-My brother falling off the shoulders of this guy (who's relationship to us would just be confusing :)) causing him to lose his beloved sunglasses
-Then my brother calling him his hero for the rest of the trip
-Everything in the tent getting wet because it was touching the tent when it rained
-My Dad killing a squirrel by throwing an apple at it (no he did not mean to kill the squirrel)
-waking up to snow in the summer
-FISHING!!! lots of fishing
-coming home once and having to pull over because the rain and hail were so bad; cars were hydroplaning and visibility was pretty much zero

Fun times!! Fun times!!!

Thanks to Mama Kat for great prompts.

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  1. Oh my! I never went camping as a child and have to admit to a dread of doing it but I think it is something all children should get to experience so I do want to do it with my daughter when she is a little older. Just maybe not where we live - too many snakes, scorpions and more!

    Lovely memories, thank you for sharing them here.