Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mommy FAIL

When my son was first born the very first night we brought him home we tried to have him in our room like good first parents right? Ya well that lasted about 20 min.....before I pushed his bassinett into his own room. (details are a little blurry so they might be off a tad here) After about the first couple of times I got up my husband barked I'm never gonna get sleep which of course being a new mom and all hormonal almost made me cry so instead of yelling ya you try getting up every hour and latch a vice grip on your nipple for 30 min. and see how you like it! I calmly took my pillow and went into baby's room to sleep on the spare mattress. Well said baby was not sleeping much either and was very fussy or hungry or I don't know. You know why I don't know? Cause I physically could not get myself up! Oh ya! I heard him but couldn't make myself open my eyes! Poor little man! He coulda been hungry or just scared and wanted to be held and comforted.
Oh I hope God wasn't havin' second thoughts.



  1. We all have those moments! Aidyn and I used to cry together at night. He was colicky all the time so almost every night was spent crying ourselves to sleep!

    SO glad thats over!

  2. Those first few weeks are so very hard - not having suffered from sleep deprivation before my husband and I were so devastated by it. Having to get up every couple of hours as you do to BF was just horrendous. So I definitely to not miss those days :-)

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  4. It's a good thing God doesn't let us have memories from that early on! Pretty sure we've all been there and done that.