Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I got the jealousies...

Bonus points if anyone knows where that comes from :)

...of my kids? Bad mom!

Granpa and Nana Barb and Brother I mean Uncle Drew took Ethan and Aria up to Lava Hot Springs for a couple days while Mom and Dad could chill out here with only little Angel.
So this morning when they left as soon as the door shut something felt different! Two whole days of peace!! I should be jumping for joy right? Instead I just don't know what to do with myself? It really feels weird. I mean I have all this time to myself where I could do this or this or that but part of me just wants to go outside and sit on the kids swing and have a pity party. My kids are 6 and 4 and they have never spent one night away from me. With their outgoing personalities I know they'll have a fabulous time and probably won't even miss mom but mom will miss them and will miss seeing their happy faces swimming in the pool and doing all the fun things they will. :( boo hoo Ok really I'm not THAT selfish....I am glad they're gonna have this fun experience. But what do I do???
Well like a good mom I'll clean their beds and sheets and room and build a new fort for them downstairs. Hmmmm ya....that only takes so much time....What now? Maybe I'll go oon my eliptical machine (which is sadly being neglected) and jam with MJ (ya don't laugh) Maybe a little scrapbooking? Too bad we don't have anymore Lost to watch right now or we could have a Lost night. :) (the sixth season isn't out on NetFlix yet! Im lost without my LOST....lol *snort*)

How do you spend your "me" time without the kids?


  1. Oh man! I wish someone would take my kids for a couple days! I would read up a storm, watch a bunch of movies and maybe get in a good hike kid free....oh to dream ;)

  2. OH no you don't! Stop cleaning and get out of the house immediately! Go do some fun things for yourself - the things you never normally get to do. First stop for me would be the sanctuary for a nice long walk, then time for a coffee and cupcake lunch and some time in the bookstore, just browsing and making a list of all the new books I want to hunt down in the library. Speaking of which I would definitely be visiting there too as on my own is the only way I can get to the adult section on the 4th floor without being thrown out for the noise created my one still quite small toddler :-)

  3. I spend my time celebrating...um...I mean sleeping. I look forward to time w/o the kiddos. I love them and all...don't get me wrong...but the quiet is nice and it's always nice to have some time with the husband that is kid-free. Enjoy it if you can! They'll be back soon and it'll seem like they've grown inches taller and look years older.

  4. When my kids were little, I would read without being interrupted, go the bathroom all alone, and I might be able to eat a hot meal for a change.

  5. It is so rare, I don't even know. Enjoy it though girl, it will go fast! :)

  6. The same way you do...missing my kids and doing what I can for them. Last time I had an afternoon without them I baked them cupcakes and missed them.

  7. Mostly I spend it whining about how bored and lonely I am.
    Seriously, it's ridiculous! My kids drive me nuts and then as soon as they go to their dad's, I don't know what to do with myself! I am pathetic.
    I do bake a lot, play with the dogs, and most importantly, SLEEP!