Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Confessional

-Last night I met 7 other awesome Utah bloggers

-they were hilarious

-they are absolutely fabulous and it was wonderful to meet them all!

-if you haven't checked them out you really should

Of course you know Glamazon our gorgeous hostess. She is so nice and so funny!

And Laura the Purseblogger needs no introduction. I'm sure everyone knows how fabulous she is. She is an all time sweetie and I adore her. She was my first follow and has always been a loyal friend and commenter on my blog. (who knows why? ;))

Mindi from was there from Mindi's Manic Meanderings She is frickin' hilarious people. Where does she come up with this stuff? I LOVE her. She needs to write a comedy book man!!

Kellie came from Hendrick's Family with her beautiful new baby boy! She looks absolutely fabulous and is so sweet. I'm so glad I got to know her better.

Next we have the amazing Ky-ann from Insanity is Overreated(like the pepper only hotter) All I can say is pure awesomeness! She is fabulous and hilarious and it was so nice to get to know her.

Crystal was there from Wanna Be Balanced Mom . She is totally gorgeous and had on the cutest little jacket that I totally wanted to steal. She is super duper nice and sweet.

And certainly not last was the wonderful Kate from Smug Marrieds. Again with the gorgeousness! Kate is awesome. So funny and so sweet!!

It was so nice to get to know all of you ladies!!

Now for the darker confession:

-the whole time I couldn't even really believe I was there because I was so close to not even starting a blog; this blog world is so huge and overwhelming

-I have a "short" complex (among many others)

-I wore platform shoes thinking if I boost my height I might boost my self esteem

-didn't happen

-why can't I be happy with myself?

-maybe I shouldn't be so personal on my blog

-I feel like people just feel sorry for poor little me (insert whiny voice)

-I have to do a lesson for church Sunday and I was sososo hoping that last month's would be my last cause I sosososoSO want to move to Idaho!!!

-But part of me thinks that's selfish because my kids are so happy here, they love their school, but they'd be happy anywhere right? they're young

-I need a change, no many changes and I'm hoping a move would give us a fresh start cause things just ain't that good right now

-I'm kinda bummed

-why would anyone want to be around me when I don't want to be around myself?

-I need major self esteem surgery

-sorry for the pity party

-can I borrow your life for awhile?


  1. I was wondering about the comment but I can't comment on your newest post so I will combine it :) You do have very pretty eyes!

    Also, you said how self conscious you felt at the dinner the other night and I have to say I was sooo stressed about meeting new people because I've gotten so chubby and I hate everything I wear and everyone looked so nice and I am just a big old cow with no fashion sense.. My point is, will we ever allow ourselves to be happy with who we are?? We are all so hard on ourselves as women, aren't we??

  2. I wasn't able to make the Utah blogger GNO...BUT I'm coming to the next one. Wanted to stop in and say hi ya!