Monday, September 6, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday and Day 9 of Day of Truth

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Last night we took the kids to the park. I got Danny to snap a pic. with his cell phone. It was super windy out as you can tell. And yes the kids are already in their pj's. They love going for "pajama" walks in the morning or evening.

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Well ofcourse with moving to a different country there's usually a couple friends who drift away but sad as it is I'm gonna have to go with my brother.
Ofcourse we haven't T O T A L L Y let go, I mean we'll always be brother and sister and always love eachother but I think when we started drifting was when I moved away to college. We always had quite a close relationship growing up (being only 13 months apart) but when he started getting his own friends (and of course I had no social life) I tried to tag on sometimes. Like I used to play poker often with him and his friend. But as he got older we drifted, and then I went away to college and he stayed and went to university. The short summer I came home before moving down here we came together a little but not the same as when we were kids. It'll never be the same. Now we're both married and I've tried to initiate conversation (through email) but he's just never been the talking kind and it doesn't help we're 1000 miles apart. Maybe if we're closer. I want to be able to talk to him but a relationship has to be two ways.


  1. I think life has it's seasons. I hope a fruitful season for you and your brother is around the corner.

    Love the kids in their jammies. One of the best parts of being a kid -- going places in sleepwear!

  2. Jammie walks? HOW CUTE! love it!

    So sad that your brother and you are no longer close. I alway say that with every relationship that gerts weaker, another gets stronger. When I moved back home from FL. I was devistated. My close friendships were GONE. It was sooo hard! But now some of my old realationship with hig school friends, and my family is stronger then ever!

    Keep your chin up lovely, and hopefuly he'll realize what he's missing!

  3. I love pajama walks. They are so fun!
    I hope your brother realizes what he's missing out on someday soon. Good for you for trying to communicate with him. You are the nicest and sweetest person I know Tylaine.

  4. Oh, a pajama walk sounds like fun to me, too!

  5. I think there comes a point when any sibling needs to grow up and in doing so grow apart, doing things their own way. But it is never too late to open that door of communication again, or at least try, if that is what you would like. My sister and I are no longer close, for many reasons, being in different countries being just one of them, so I know how hard it can be.

  6. Does going to Walmart in my pjs count as a jammie walk? If so then I do it all the time! Seriously cute though!