Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friends you Love-Brittany!

Thankyou to Brittany at Unexpected Surprises for doing my first ever guest post on my blog. :) She is such an absolute sweetheart and I hope you check her out and come to love her as much as I have!

We all love our children.

Well MOST of us love our children.

In fact for most of us it starts the exact moment our eyes latch on to their perfect little smooshed up faces fresh from the womb.

How can you love someone so much that you met seconds earlier?

More then that, how can you love someone you haven’t even met?

I fell in love with my son the second I found out he was in my tummy.

My entire life changed!

I was living and doing things completely for him.

I sometimes think I can’t love him any more then I do right now..

And then he’ll do something and I fall completely in love with him all over again.

The other night we were finishing up our bed time routine.

You know the usual: books, songs, prayers, kisses…

When it got to the kisses, I bent down to kiss his perfect pouty lips.

I looked down at him with my hair draping around his face, and he flung his little arms around my neck.

He laced his fingers together, and proclaimed: “I am never letting you go, my little mommy!”

He held on so tight that when I tried to sit up, he lifted up with me!

The smile on his face, and the feeling of his love made my heart feel fuller then its ever felt!

I love how much he loves me!

I love that he isn’t afraid to say it!

So I hugged him longer that night.

I smelled him deeply.

He smelled of “little boy.”

The scent of baby has vanished from his skin.

Just as it is gone, I know that these moments with my son will soon vanish as well.

One day he wont want to cuddle with me before bed.

One day he wont wrap his arms around me so tightly.

One day it wont be cool to kiss his mommy before saying goodbye.

But I know that there will never-ever be a day that we will stop loving each other.

I know that one day when he is big and grown, that he’ll wraps his big arms around
me, and I will have that overwhelming feeling of love all over again.

That moment when I don’t think I can love him anymore then I do in that exact second.
Because if there is one thing I have learned in my 3.5 years of being a mother it is that my love for him only gets stronger and that each and every moment is something to treasure.

So embrace your child today.

Tell them you love them.

Smell in their sweet sent of innocence…

And feel your heart fill with that overwhelming feeling of love all over again!


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  1. I LOVE Brittany and I love this post. She captures it perfectly. She is a fabulous mother. Great choice for guest post Tylaine!

  2. Oh my goodness what a cute little guy!!! I love that feeling of them loving us so much that it hurts.... I love that we are their #1 reason for everything still in their lives... it all goes by so fast. My oldest just turned 9. He still melts my heart just as he did as a newborn and at 3 and at 6. Maybe even more <3

  3. :) Thanks ladies.. and thank you Tylaine! :))

    I didnt realize you were posting this yesterday! I was gone all day! I'll be sending a link for my readers today!

    Love ya girl!

  4. so beautiful! :' ) this makes me excited for the day that i become a mommy, too